Welcome to our Beer Blog!

Welcome to our Beer Blog!

Hello and welcome to our new Matso's Beer blog,
Our beers although tasty, Moorish and addictive have been screaming out for a voice since the first day they were first bottled back in 1998.

We are all very excited to roll out our this new blog packed full of features the first being the fact we will soon be interfaced with our facebook to bring all your favourite Facebook Matso's competitions, special and giveaways.

The Facebook grows ever popular each and every day and is fast approaching 3000 fans, and we appreciate all the support we have received this far.

Congratulations to the competition winners for 2010 if you are yet to win Matso's prizes , merchandise or beer take comfort in the fact our prizes and comps are growing by epic proportions in 2011.

A few stand out winners from 2010 come to mind so we thought we might post a few here to commemorate our first blog post and encourage more of you to get involved.

Stay Thirsty

Team Matso's