It’s Games Night with Matso’s!

It’s Games Night with Matso’s!

By Jamie Burnett

It’s fair to say games night is happening a little more often these days. So that means it’s time to expand the range from the handful of usual suspects that you’ve got stacked in the spare room cupboard.

The Matso’s team have come together to compile a list of games that are the perfect way to Escape the Ordinary at home. Each week, we’ll feature three games that we love. Good luck. Have fun. And remember, no cheating (well no getting caught!)


This board game is on the complex side but we definitely have some time on our hands to learn! Plus, once you understand all the rules, it’s rewarding, addictive and will become a household favourite. In this game, players gather resources, complete quests and generate victory points. Got the most points at the end? You win! Visually stunning and stacked with strategy, Lord of Waterdeep will fast become a household favourite.


There’s a reason almost every home has a game of Monopoly stashed somewhere – because it’s great fun! First developed in 1933, there’s no faster way to get your mates offside than by grabbing Park Lane and Mayfair before they do. And wait for their reaction when you start building those hotels! Monopoly has a tonne of different versions (featuring different cities and themes), is sold in more than 114 countries and has been published in 47 languages. You all know the rules and how to win, so pour yourself a drink, get comfortable and prepare to build your real estate empire!


One of Europe’s most popular games has definitely taken hold here in Australia. If you’re getting a little tired of the four walls and you’ve got some space outside, then Finska is your game. To play, you need to start knocking down pins! Finska is made up of 12 numbered wooden pins. The player tosses the ‘throwing log’ at the numbered pins. If you knock down one pin, you get that pin’s value in points. If you knock down multiple pins, your score is the number of pins to fall. To win, hit 50 points. But don’t go over, ‘cause if you do, your score goes back to 25. A fun game that incorporates good aim, strategy and some old fashioned luck. Finska Fridays it is!

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