Margarita Mum takes on Matso's

Margarita Mum takes on Matso's

By Jamie Burnett

It was a sunny day in Florida when Rhonda Withers tried her first margarita. She was 21, and it’s fair to say it was love at first sip.

“It was the first time I’d ever been overseas and I remember having this margarita in Florida. Things really started from there,” Rhonda remembers.

While that’s where it started, it took another 19 years for Rhonda to take her love of margaritas and cocktails to the next level. This time it was another milestone, her 40th birthday in Mexico. That was the day she took the first step to becoming the “Margarita Mum”.

“For my 40th birthday I went to Mexico and set myself a 21-day challenge to photograph a margarita every day. I did that and my family and friends loved it!

“After that I decided to set up a page dedicated to margaritas and cocktails.”

The Margarita Mum is Rhonda’s Instagram page and website. It’s full of amazing cocktail recipes and stunning photos. Rhonda creates the recipes and shoots the images herself. And with more than 76 thousand followers, it’s fair to say that punters are thirsty for Rhonda’s work.

“I started on Instagram three years ago and people really respond to recipes and creations.

“It increases my creativity. It’s really exciting to be exposed to new brands and products, and to have that freedom to come up with something delicious.”

Speaking of delicious, Margarita Mum has turned her attention to the Matso’s range – creating a couple of tasty, refreshing and downright yum cocktails.

“When you get to work with products like Matso’s, it’s a great opportunity.

“You certainly do see some beer cocktails, but this is something a little different with the Matso’s Mango Beer and Matso’s Ginger Beer.

“The Mango Beer recipe, I wanted to keep a fruity profile. And for the Ginger Beer I made it into a non-traditional blue tiki. It’s delicious!”

Rhonda also champions cocktail lovers to give things a go at home.

Her advice? Know your flavours. Keep it simple. And have a go.

“You’ve really got to keep it fresh… and look at what sort of cocktails you want to create and the flavours you love.

“Most of my cocktails I create myself and that’s because I make cocktails in the same way I cook. I use what I’ve got on hand, I look at the flavour balance and I try not to over complicate it.

“I’m just not very good at following recipes… I usually make it work with what I’ve got.

“It doesn’t have to have a hundred ingredients to make it special, sometimes the simplest things can be the best.”

Check out the Margarita Mum Instagram page here

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