Matso’s Max a rising star at AHA Awards

Matso’s Max a rising star at AHA Awards

Max Virgo is a star on the rise!

The 20 year old Matso’s Broome Brewery barman and waiter was awarded the Rising Star award at the Australian Hotels Association Hospitality Awards for Excellence.

Max says the win came as a complete surprise.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all, I was happy to just be there and be nominated for the award. It was exciting, I’d never been to a big event like that or even worn a suit before. I bought it the day before, it was just an amazing night.

“I heard my name and went blank but didn’t believe it. Then I saw my name on the big screen and everything went numb. It was a fun night, great experience with lots of great people there,” says Max.

Max started with Matso’s more than 18 months ago, and loves the variety of working between the bar, restaurant and brewery.

“Every day is something different. There are different people from different walks of life. I’ve learnt a lot more about food, beer and service since I’ve been at Matso’s. You learn a lot of people skills, and how to help different people and understand the type of service they prefer.

“There’s so much variety here at Matso’s. We’re a brewery but we are also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s great to be able to help people understand more about beer and also food.”

Being a Broome local, Max was also interested about working at Matso’s.

“Matso’s was such a part of growing up in Broome, so to work here feels like such an accomplishment due to how famous Matso’s is. Matso’s is growing throughout the country, so to get a job here is special. That felt like an award in itself.”

It’s been a fast learning curve for Max at Matso’s. The job was his first in hospitality job, and after his AHA Award win, he has plenty of ambition for the future.

“I really enjoy learning about Matso’s and craft brewing. I enjoy that we are a unique thing like that and being able to explain to people about how we make this beer and what’s behind it.

“I really enjoy the whole brewing side of it, along with the food. One of my goals is to maybe go down to the beer festivals and work at a pop-up and be around that energy.”

And if you’re looking for Max outside of Matso’s, it’s fair to say you’ll find him watching the best sunset in the world.

“How many places in the world can you finish work in the arvo, grab a six-pack and in ten minutes you’re at the beach watching a sunset with your mates and the dog.

“It’s unique Broome. It’s hard not to love this place. It’s like that friend that does everything for you and looks after you.”

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