Matso's Mango: Refreshed, unfiltered & with local Australian mangoes

Matso's Mango: Refreshed, unfiltered & with local Australian mangoes

You might have noticed Matso’s Mango Beer has a fresh new look!

The packaging and labelling has been updated to reflect its refreshing and tropical vibe. While the Mango Beer itself is now unfiltered for fuller flavour, with juice sourced from real Australian mangoes.

Matso's co-founder Justin Wiebrecht says it’s a reflection of the brewery’s history and values.

“Matso’s was born out of Broome, and our home in Western Australia’s Kimberley region has always been a strong influence.

“For 18 years, we’ve been a brewery that’s helped people escape the ordinary and we’ve focused on creating refreshing, fun and flavour-filled beers.

“That’s why we’re excited that Matso’s Mango Beer is now unfiltered and made with Australian mangoes that provide a more rounded mango flavour.

“This aligns with our values to use local ingredients to support local businesses and producers where possible.”

Matso’s Mango Beer now has a slightly cloudier appearance, combining full fruit aromas with a sweet dryness. It’s the perfect way to bring you back to ‘Broome Time’ all year round.

And remember, always roll your bottle to awaken the mango!

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