Go Extraordinary! A tour of Australia's Pink Lakes

Go Extraordinary! A tour of Australia's Pink Lakes

Being Australia’s most remote brewery, we love to get off the beaten track and explore. We know that’s a little tough right now, but we’re still keen to find Australia’s most unique spots for you to discover, have fun and enjoy a Matso’s. That's what Go Extraordinary! is all about.

This month at Matso’s, we’re celebrating our two new pink drinks – Matso’s Hard Melon with Mint and Matso’s Hard Berry with Lime. So with that in mind, let’s take a trip round to the country to visit some of our stunning, natural and extraordinary pink lakes.



About eight hours from Perth, Lake Hillier is jaw to the floor amazing. The pink lake lies next to the dark blues of the Indian Ocean with a strip of green forest in the middle. While it’s stunning from every angle, the best view is from the air. Scenic flights are a regular and must-do if you’re in the area.


On of the Coral Coast’s most vibrant attractions, you’ll be blown away by the colour range of Hutt Lagoon. Depending on the time of year, day or cloud conditions, this lake moves from red to pink to purple. Best viewed in mid-morning or late arvo, the lake is easily accessible by car on the George Grey Drive.


Just a two-hour drive from Adelaide, Lake Bumbunga is one our most accessible pink lakes. Incredibly photogenic, you’ll be captivated by magenta shores and hues of pink, white and blue.


Located five-hours from Melbourne in Victoria’s north-west, these lakes range from a stunning pink to glistening white. More vibrant when the cloud is in, the pink lakes are surrounded by walking tracks and campgrounds – perfect for hikers or those looking to get amongst it!

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