Lower Sugar Ginger Beer


Matso's Lower Sugar Alcoholic Ginger Beer still brings that trademark extraordinary flavour of our original alcoholic ginger beer, but incredibly, in a slightly lighter, more refreshing way.

The latest extraordinary drink is refreshing, zesty alcoholic ginger beer that still packs a ginger punch, but with a little less guilt.

Over 50% less sugar than leading ginger beers, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, vegan-friendly and low gluten. Plus it's 4% ABV, a little more than the Matso's original Ginger Beer.


4.0% Alc/Vol

Over 50% less sugar than leading ginger beers, including Matso's original Ginger

No artificial sweeteners or preservatives

Vegan Friendly

Low Gluten

Low Gluten means that this product contains no more than 20mg gluten per 100ml (<200ppm). There is some barley malt used in the brewing of this product which could mean a small amount (less than 200ppm) of gluten could be present.

Calories (cal) & Kilojoules (kj)

163 calories per can

680 kj per can

206 kj per 100ml

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