Golden Ale Canning at Hami Hill

Golden Ale Canning at Hami Hill

Watch our Draught Golden Ale get Canned at Hami Hill!

Brewer Dave, or Chocco as he has come to be known by the Matso's Perth team due to his love of talking about chocolate beers, has created a Green & Golden Ale using Aussie ingredients. He sent a few kegs down to be put on tap in Perth and used at a few bottle shops with their canning or growler systems (Cellarbrations Hamilton Hill and Carlisle).

This beer is so delicious, Brewer Dave is hoping to make some more up in Broome. Have you ever wondered how it goes into a can? Watch this video, and if you want you can get still get some canned Golden Ale at Cellarbrations Super Store Hamilton Hill, WA.

Matso's Green & Golden Ale

Beer Info:
100% Galaxy Hops (Australian)
5.6% ABV
Contains Wattle Seed from The Bitter Bush.
Tropical fruit aroma but a little savoury from the Wattle Seed. Nice body from a little bit of Aussie wheat.

Canning Beers at Cellarbrations Superstore Hami Hill from Matso's Brewery on Vimeo.