Scotty the Superhero

Scotty the Superhero

Scotty the Superhero!

Today marks a sad day in the Matso's fairy-tale. We say goodbye to a man that changed Matso's forever, kept us out late with his famous "Just one more", had time for everyone, taught us all so much from his many, many years in the industry and made us cringe constantly with his Dad jokes.

That man is our National Sales Manager, Scott Player. Three years ago, Matso's Brewery was a Broome-run family business; we had a wholesaler on the ground in Perth and a couple over east but the cry for help went out for a National Sales Manager to manage the sales operations from Perth.

One man was up to The Challenge: Mr Scott "Just One More" Player. We like to call him Superman. Due to technical reasons he was dressed as Thor in these photos. The poor man was all by himself in Perth, with everyone else working in Broome but he soldiered on and helped take Matso's Beer to the next level. He needed help to do this and got the sales team started by hiring Ms Jeneen - The Jipster, JP and of course, Wonder Woman.

And once Marketing Manager Bec, Becstar, Becaroony came down to Perth from Broome, Superman led the super squad that now includes Magic Dan for South of Perth, Mayor Julie of Melbourne, and Dash the Great for North of Perth.

Superhero Scotty also became an amazing firefighter, helping put out any fires that came our way, and issues that needed sorting without getting burnt himself, although we say "He is pretty hot ;) "

Our Matso's team of superheroes, led by the ultimate hero: Super Scotty has conquered the beer world and brought Broome in a Bottle to so many happy people around the country. The ease at which people all over Australia can buy our once-scarce beer is all thanks to Superman Scotty and your team couldn't be prouder of what you've achieved over your three years here.

We will miss the fact that you miss your hair. We will never do anything half pregnant. We will always keep our customers happy.

And don't worry. We got this. We're all over it like:
white on rice
icing on the cake Bec made
coconut on a lamington
blubber on a walrus
dimples on a golf ball
fleas on a dog
hairs on JP's legs
sweat on the Diver Dan suit wearer